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Lessons - Section D
How to Find a Church
Section "D" is about making a positive identification of a local church by the New Testament description.
You know how to restore fellowship with God, and you know that you need to be in the fellowship with God's people. God requires you to find a local congregation with which to assemble, work, and worship. It is very possible to find the New Testament church, because its identity is found in your infallible guide, the Bible. This study will help you find a local church in your town.
We need to know the unique, personal identity of Jesus' church. Let me illustrate. If someone came into the house and stole your TV, the police would ask witnesses to identify the thief. They would ask if anyone knew his name, his stature, his age, his occupation, where he was born, etc.; looking for any identifying features that might narrow the search. Someone might say, "His name is Tom Thumb, he is 9'6" tall, has a wooden leg and a scar over his right eye. His occupation is glass blowing and he is 44 years old." Another witness might add, "I know he was born in Seattle, Washington." If the police find a 44-year-old glass blower who is 9'6" tall, born in Seattle, Washington, with a scar over his right eye, named Tom Thumb; they would know they found the right person. If they find a man with the right name, who is a glass blower, 44 years old, born in Seattle, Washington, but is only 2 feet tall; they know they have the wrong person. So it is with the identity of the Church.
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