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Lessons - Section B
Fellowship with God
Section B discusses man's relationship with God, called fellowship. In this section we demonstrate that sin severs man's fellowship with God. Once lost, fellowship can only be restored through Jesus. Our study will reveal this restoration results in the church. Consequently, we will be building a scriptural appreciation for His church.
In today's religious climate one rarely finds an appreciation for, or an understanding of, the church as it exists in God's plan of salvation. So many people today belittle the importance of Christ's church. Our job is to demonstrate the Bible teaches man to respect His church.
Question: "Is the church important to God?" Judging from what one generally hears people say, the church is regarded as relatively unimportant. Comments like "it doesn't matter what church you go to as long as you go" or, "I don't need to go to church to be a Christian" and numerous other such remarks show this ignorance. Does our authority (the Bible) originate or "wink" at such disrespect for the church?
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