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Probably no man in the church today is better prepared to produce a simple, highly effective, and easy to use methodology in presenting God's Plan Of Salvation* to a non-Christian than Jerry MacDonald. His unique "Teaching By Cards" approach has been uniformly endorsed and applauded by a growing number of workers not only in America, but in Australia, Canada, Germany, Africa, Mexico, and Greece, as well. As it becomes better known, it will undoubtedly be one of the most productive and widely used plans anywhere in the field of personal evangelism. The beauty and worth of this plan lies in its simplicity. It is a method that can be used both by the newest convert to Christ as well as by the veteran soldier of the cross. The cards are all in sequence, setting forth in clear, positive statements of the Scripture itself exactly what it is that God requires of the sinner. And the teaching progresses from one card to the next in an easy, effortless series. The obvious questions in the mind of the honest inquirer are answered, one by one, in the very words of the Biblical text. There is no occasion for argument or disagreement.
There are scores of "personal work" programs being used with varying degrees of success by many thousands of dedicated workers. None is more productive and effective in winning men to Christ than this new and unique method of God's Plan Of Salvation by the use of cards. All that is required is a sincere desire on the part of the worker to reach others with the saving gospel of Christ. "Teaching By Cards" will bring the rightist reward of all as you see your prospects yielding their lives in surrender to Christ.
Fanning Yater Tant
Editor-in-chief, The Guardian of Truth, Vanguard magazines
* Renamed Salvation! The Ancient Plan of God
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